Welcome to our nursery where indigenous plants are the champions.

It is also one of few indigenous nursery in Melbourne’s South East.

And why is that good for you?

Australian plants are more hardy and easier to maintain than others. They also generally need less water – which saves you money.

Indigenous plants are also good for our native animals and so important for our soils and landscape.  Indeed, our motto is:

indigenous plants for native animals

 Plants for sale at the CEC Nursery

Plants for sale at the CEC Nursery

Need help deciding what to buy?

Our Nursery Manager, Adele Richardson, has qualifications in Applied Science and Resource Management and a wealth of experience to share. Adele is passionate about ensuring our native bees, birds and animals flourish. She has devoted herself to ensuring that the Nursery can grow the food and habitat they require. Adele respects the evolutionary adaptations our local plants have made to survive to this day and believes that it is vital to propagate plants of local provenance.