The CEC manages several parcels of public land on behalf of the people of Victoria. Some of these we are revegetating from degraded pasture, some we are protecting from invasive weed species, some we are conducting feral animal control on. The properties are owned by the State Government and the State Government has entrusted us to look after them.

We do this work to ensure this wonderland is there for future generations to be able to marvel at and have their lives enhanced by the fresh air, genetic diversity and natural landscapes that enhance our artistic and recreational lives.  And most importantly to preserve the biodiversity necessary to allow our native animals to continue to live in this rapidly developing municipality.

The properties include:

  • Bandicoot Corner
  • Beaconsfield Nature Conservation Reserve
  • Guys Hill Reserve
  • Properties at Koo Wee Rup North
  • Toomuc Creek Reserve

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