Management of Public Land

After about 24 years, CEC recently advised DEECA through the Minister for Environment that we can no longer manage the areas of Public Land which are so important within Cardinia.

A letter to the Minister outlined some of the many meetings which have taken place over recent years where CEC was seeking funding, as a minimum for reimbursement of expenses necessarily incurred in looking after the land. Most individuals within DELWP (now DEECA) and Melbourne Water with whom we spoke agreed that of course such expenses should be refunded but, unfortunately, the years of talking revealed that their model does not allow for it.

There are a number of smaller Reserves but the three main ones are Bandicoot Corner in Bayles, Beaconsfield Nature Conservation Reserve (BNCR) and Guys Hill Reserve. All are important for biodiversity in the area. Through its defined role of caring for the environment in Cardinia, CEC will of course maintain an interest in all of the Reserves and continue to provide assistance where possible. The status quo could not continue under conditions which did not permit management which did justice to the intrinsic importance of these areas.

CEC has involvement in ongoing discussion about the Reserves. We have some optimism about prospects of a positive announcement later this year.