Bandicoot Corner is a reserve located in Bayles, set up to protect the Southern Brown Bandicoot (SBB). SBBs are cute little marsupials with a stocky body, rounded ears and a short tail. SBBs are endangered, threatened by habitat removal, inappropriate fire regimes, and introduced predators i.e. foxes and cats. To protect the bandicoots at Bandicoot Corner, there is a predator proof fence around the reserve, to provide a safe haven. To keep the fence in working order requires a lot of monitoring and maintenance, to make sure that damage from fallen branches doesn’t let predators in.

At Bandicoot Corner we also protect a patch of remnant Swampy Riparian Woodland, which is endangered in Victoria. There are sections of the reserve that were historically cleared for grazing and we are slowly revegetating these areas as well.

To make sure the predator proof enclosure remains effective, the reserve is closed to the public. If you are interested in leaning more about the reserve, please get in touch with us!